Goals for the Year


To be updated real soon

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I will list a few that I would like to see happen in 2023.

  1. Create an online meeting of those in this group, so we can communicate more often, Also an open online meeting to help foster more participation on the repeater.
  2. Participate as a group in more local events.
  3. Have a tech related event this year. Something like bring our radio and let us check your power out, deviation, and sensitivity, or a small build event.
  4. Reach out to the VE teams and continue to provide the info about the active groups and how they can reach local help as new hams.
  5. Have a look over the website and get info updated and expanded.
  6. Reach out to Ham Radio Outlet (HRO) and let them know our repeater is not far from them and let's get some interaction going with them.

Any additional things you want to see happen or would comment on the above?


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