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Are you asking any of the following questions?

Well, if you are asking any of the above questions or similar things, then we may have a solution for you. It is called finding an "ELMER". An Elmer is a person who can help you with knowledge or skills to assist you with your issues. An Elmer is a volunteer that can help or provide contact to someone who can help. Ham Radio has a strong and rich history or mentoring (we refer to it as Elmering) new hams, and helping them get going in the hobby.

Ham Radio is a hobby that covers a lot of subjects, which can be very overwhelming to new comers. My advice is to seek help and not to get frustrated. There are many ways to get help.

First I would suggest get signed up on the mailing list at YahooGroups here:
    147.120 Projects

This will put you in contact with a lot of local people who can help.

Second, If you have your ham license, then get on the 147.120 repeater and let someone know your looking for some help. There are many very helpful local hams on the repeater.

Third, come to one of the local gatherings. we meet on the first and third Saturday at Bob Evans in Fern Park at 5:00 PM. Lots of local hams who can answer questions. Here is the location: Bob Evans, 385 Florida 436 Casselberry, Florida 32730

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